“After more than two years of special veterinary kibbles…for the first time in a year, Xara’s ALT levels have come down!!!! (They had been slowly but steadily rising). We’ve only been feeding the new diet for two months, so in two more months we will repeat the bloodwork, but we are sure that her ALT will decrease even more!!! Thanks Dana for your help in preparing recipes for my girl, and thanks to the BARF diet, which of course is the best there is for our furry friends! To hell with kibble! (Even though Xara misses it sometimes hahaha) I’m so excited!!!”

– Elena & Xara, Madrid, Spain

“My dog Pogo was always scratching himself to pieces when he was on his old food, but after talking with Dana, we corrected his diet and now he has a full, shiny coat and no more itchiness! He enjoys his meals and licks the bowl clean every time! Thank you so much Dana!”

Ana Maria & Pogo, Córdoba, Spain

“Congratulations Dana! I know this webpage has been labor of love for you. I’m happy to refer my friends with pets to you anytime. The help you’ve given me in formulating a healthy diet for my baby has been invaluable. Thank you so much and best wishes on your new endeavor. You are really providing a much needed service.”

Monique & Pearl, Hawaii, United States

“Thank you for all your help and advice with regard to feeding my Neo Mastiff.There are so many foods and so many price ranges on the market it is great to have friendly expert to put us on the right track. Once again a big thank you.”

Gill & Levi, Wales, United Kingdom

“Dana, congrats on your new website! You helped me tremendously when trying to decide how to help my Swissy with his diet. On the commercial foods he was eating before he always had smelly, large poops and frequent diarrhea. Once we switched him to a raw diet with your help, he has done very well. He is extremely happy with his food and I have found it very easy to do. Your prompt answers to my questions have always been invaluable to me. Great service!”

Val & Rudy, Florida, United States

“Dana – congratulations on this fabulous website. You’ve helped hubby and me more than you know in choosing the right foods for our English Mastiff. We have learned so much from you about picking out foods with the correct ingredients. All your advice and insight helped us to raise up a beautiful healthy puppy into a beautiful and healthy adult. We have no doubts she will stay that way. Thank you for your invaluable service!”

Jaidann & Diva, Pennsylvania, United States

“Dana, Thanks so much for the help in choosing what to feed fussy, picky Chippy. He is really starting to love the home cooked diet you sent. Am still working with him as you know. With your help, we will get there!”

Dee & Chippy, North Carolina, United States

“The info from this great pet nutritionist is not “just for the dogs” either. The diet choices I was given for my 19 year old cat with chronic renal failure has given me hope that Old Rags may be with me for a while longer. It’s great to have so many choices and I am hoping to see her get excited about eating again.”

Pam & Rags, West Virginia, United States

“Thank you for your help with the natural therapy to heal Demodex. Since I didn’t want to subject my Dane to the harsh chemicals the the vet prescribed, Dana advised me on a vitamin “cocktail” to boost her immune system and the Demodex was healed in 6 weeks. Thank you so much for keeping my girl-dog healthy and happy!”

Kendra & Basja, Minnesota, United States

“Hi Dana – Just wanted to update you on Duncan’s condition. He is doing amazing! Honestly, he hasn’t ever eaten this well. We are feeling very optimistic about Duncan’s health. Thanks again Dana. We were seriously thinking we might have to put him down as he was literally starving to death. You saved him! Yay!”

Bethany & Duncan, Ohio, United States

“Dana, I just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me. When I first got Faith 3 years ago, I had a battle with allergies with her. The vet was convinced it was flea allergies, but after months of treating her for that, and with no results, I decided to turn to the internet and find some other sources. I came up on your site and from day one you were always willing to help out. You gave great advice and I can honestly say Faith is 100% better, her skin is clear and her coat is just amazing. Without your help I am not sure Faith would still be mine. I was running out of options and finances to deal with her problems. You helped me help her and keep her in my life. I always refer to your site and read what is going on to keep myself updated. Your work is amazing! Thank you! ”

Kierstyn & Faith, Ontario, Canada

“Thank you Dana for all your help & guidance with Murphy’s diet. He suffers from allergies and I wanted to start raw but didn’t have a clue where to start. Dana was there to start me on the right track and continues to answer any of my questions. He gleams with health and is no longer itchy all the time. Thank you Dana!!!”

Amanda & Murphy, Essex, United Kingdom

“I met Dana about 3 years ago just before we lost our first Leonberger, at age 7 to Bone Cancer. Shiloh our Leonberger was not the first giant breed we owned, but we believed the hype put out by food companies that their food was the best. In addition, our breeder used one of the “premium” brands. Shortly after we lost Shiloh information started to come out about these foods. Information about what materials may be in the food, things that did not belong there. I began to read the bags and discovered that I was not even comfortable eating the food if I had too. When we lost Shiloh we also had our 5 year old Leonberger, Freedom. Freedom suffered greatly from the loss of her sister. Her coat became dry and she was flakey. She actually put on weight, almost 30 lbs in the months following her death. Within a few weeks we brought a puppy into the house. Lowe is our 3rd Leonberger.

I sought Dana’s help to assist us in supporting Shiloh in her remaining time. Dana provided us with a menu. We ended up using a seared raw diet. At this same time, Dana asked me what I had been feeding the girls. I was a little ashamed to tell her. Dana was very accepting of the fact that I was willing to make changes and did not dwell on the past. She offered several different kibble options at the time. All of the foods mentioned were true premium foods with human grade materials. They were also low/no preservative options. We tried our first bag of Innova with Freedom. We saw an instant improvement with her coat and skin. Lowe the puppy at the time- now 2 ½, also switched to the correct formula for a puppy. As Lowe grew and Freedom continued to improve we purchased several other options to see if one fit our girls better. Lowe was growing like a weed but was healthy. Freedom was becoming more energetic but continued to be overweight. For a giant breed dog to be overweight, it can be very hard on their joints. Dana continued to work with us to find the perfect food for both of out girls. Finally, we settled on Fromm Solid Gold. The other foods were great for our girls, but with any diet it has to be right for the animal and you never know until you try it. Freedom has lost 40 lbs in about 9 months and is lean but healthy at 135 lbs. Her coat is healthy as is her skin. My vet of many years recently mentioned he has never seen our girls healthier. Lowe is a lean, muscular 100 lbs.

In additional to the kibble we have started to use the raw diet on occasion. I was always afraid to try it due to some negative press, but as in any program it must be done correctly. Dana firmly believes in the balanced Raw Diet but understands every person can’t or will not do it. In that case she works with them to meet their needs. Raw is a bonus to our girls when they have the opportunity for an all raw meal. Our girls travel hundreds of miles in the average month, thus kibble is the best option for our girls on a day to day basis. Dana is always friendly, ready, and willing to get back to us when we have a question. She is always looking for ways we can improve the current diet to further meet the needs of our girls as their activity levels change due to age or season.

I will continue to seek Dana’s knowledge as we move forward. No other person was able to provide the results we have seen. I know that Dana will always be upfront with us and will not beat around the bush. I also know she will work with our needs as a family. I cannot wait to begin the process with our coming puppy.”

Jenni, Freedom & Lowe, Illinois, United States

Just wanted to thank you so much for the recommendation of the raw diet. Bette already can breath better and seems to have lost some of the weight. She is even showing signs of wanting to play again.

My girl has been miserable for months so it is huge to see her feeling better. Haven’t even started treating the cushings, yet.

PineCone my Brussels Griffon is also on it, because she won’t eat her other food after smelling rabbit in the house.

Thank you again so much!”

Kathy & Bette, Michigan, United States