Dana, Karma and Journey(Dana, Karma and Journey)

Once upon a time… I had a wonderful dog named, oddly enough, Goober. He was a very sweet-tempered Dogue de Bordeaux with a heart of gold who changed my life, and its path, forever. I was almost finished with earning my degree in Veterinary Technology when suddenly it seemed that the world turned upside down. My beloved Goober was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. As shattered as I was to receive that news, I was determined to do anything it took to save him and make him well again, to have my boy back.

We immediately started chemotherapy, and the mounting costs, as much as it pained me to do so, forced the sale of my horses to pay for his treatment. Nonetheless I kept on fighting, he kept on fighting, we both did. And just when it looked like he was improving, he’d take another turn for the worse and we would fight some more. And the rollercoaster that was Goober’s battle with cancer seemed like it would never end.

Goober eventually lost the war. I mourned him like I have mourned no other pet before him, and none since. He was the dog that I find myself comparing all other dogs to. That once-in-a-lifetime dog. As I looked back on his life, his health, his treatment, and his ultimate demise, I became increasingly aware of how diet plays a part in the overall state of the body. How diabetics require certain dietary changes, how certain foods feed cancer, how kidneys can be obliterated – all because of what you eat! I slowly began to realize that the very food that I thought was so great for my dog could very well have sped up the spread of his cancer and contributed to his death.

This sparked a deeply ingrained desire to learn as much as I possibly could about nutrition and its effect on the body. I wanted to save other dog owners the heartache, the misery, the grief that I had suffered. I wanted to help other dogs live longer, better, healthier lives. I earned a degree in Animal Science, majoring in Small Animal Nutrition and have been helping dogs improve their diets ever since. I am constantly researching, taking Continuing Education courses to expand my knowledge and keep up to date with the latest nutritional research, and formulate diets using the latest National Research Council guidelines for Nutrient Requirements for Dogs.  Goober would have wanted something good to come from our journey, and I hope I’m doing him proud.

My current dogs, Karma and Journey, are raw fed, but Karma cheerfully serves as a guinea pig for real life feeding trials from time to time, because when I recommend a particular commercial diet, I want it to be because it’s something I would or have fed my own dog and am pleased with the results. They are by far the healthiest dogs I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my abode with, and I hope to enjoy their company for many years to come.

This site is dedicated to the canine love of my life…. Goober. This one’s for you.